Management is the key to a successful, productive relationship. An account manager is provided on-site at each account location to manage the employees and maintain the daily activities of the account and the employees. Each account also has a District Manager. The DM, along with Upper Management, applies a hands-on approach.

Janitorial Services

Restrooms – Clean, sanitize and maintain fixtures, sinks, mirrors, toilets, urinals, floors, baseboards, walls, trash and stock/replenish consumables
Canteens/Break Areas – Clean, sanitize and maintain tables, counters, microwaves, trash receptacles, floors and stock/replenish consumables
Windows – Wash & clean including sills
Floors – Strip, wax, sweep, mop, vacuum
Walls/Baseboards – Wash/clean

Offices – Dust, vacuum, trash
Trash/Recycle – collect and dispose
Laundry (if applicable to account)
Lobbies/Other common areas
Production areas – Vacuum/scrub floors, strip & wax, wipe down walls, baseboards, railings


Collect Recyclables
Compact and Bundle
Relocate bundled recyclables for removal
Provide clean, unobstructed work/production areas